Technology Literacy

Edward Snowden and Scott Adams have both talked or written about the idea of technological literacy. A google search turned up a youtube video of edward snowden discussing this, I’ll like to it for the end.


One of the best classes I took in high school was called “Modern Physics” which had a fairly in depth electronics lab as part of the class. That class has helped me more than any other to understand the physical and electrical world around me.  It was a technology literacy class. 

I want to map paths to technology literacy. Here are a few I can think of:

1.  Building the gingery lathe from a crucible

2. Working through the electronics learning book:

3. From Nand Gate to tetris

4. learn python the hard way.=


It would be good to have something like make: electronics( through discovery) for wood working too. It would be great to have a ” Maker Scouts” program for kids like boy scouts and girl scouts with badges for getting through the programs, with out the values, except the ethos of making culture. 

I am working on number 4 right now, I will report back as I get my maker merit badges. 



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