Two for one bad decisions

After not enough hours of sleep, I ended up at a McDonald’s for to meet someone for my work.  It was in a giant Waltmart parking lot, on the edge.


I haven’t gotten enough sleep in the past two nights, prob at a 7 hour sleep deficit , at least.

I get to the front of the line, and the cashier asks me what I want.

Me: “Large Coffee”

She:” How many creams and how many sugars”

Already, the default algorithm is fighting against my algorithm of black coffee.

Me: “Just two creams”

She: want a breakfast sandwhich?

Me: ahh

She: “It’s two for one”

Me: ok

Bam. I went in for a black coffee of five calories for $1.05, and the algorithm got me to spend $4.12 and 980 calories. By 8 am mind you.

The fortress of my system is sleep.

Not sleeping enough is a bad decision.

Not sleeping 8 hours is against the system.

The system starts with good sleep. Without good sleep the system cannot work.

If the system was good, the first command would be ” go to sleep”

the second would be “while sleeping, if sleep hours < 8 , continue sleeping

when sleep >= 8,  run wake up

The default hegemony algorithm is constantly trying to breach your borders, trying to get past your firewall and insert malicious code.

There has to be systems to reset the system. Future post will be about resetting sleep.


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