Analyzing the analyzers

This week for class I had to read “Analyzing the Analyzers : An Introspective Survey of Data Scientists and Their Work” by Harlan D. Harris, Sean Patrick Murphy, and Marck Vaisman. The piece works to articulate what people mean when they say they are Data Science or what they mean when they say they want a data scientist.

They found four common groups recurring: Data Developers, Data Researchers, Data Creatives, and Data Business people.

I find myself in the Data Creative group.

The article also talked about the importance or demand for becoming “T shaped”, with deep knowledge in one area and a lighter degree of knowledge in a broad set of areas.

I am trying to become a social scientist, focusing on why people do what they do, with the variable or where, with the focus on geography.

How does space influcence behavior?

How do social factors influece use of space?

Three questions I am interested in working on:

What industries and companies are more likely to violate minimum wage and overtime laws?

What is driving deforestation in Bolivia?

Is there a relationship between abortion rates and distance to a clinic in Texas? If so, how will increasing distance to a clinic affect poor women?


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