Ryan Holiday

This week Ryan Holiday was on the Dr. Drew podcast.

He always has something interesting to say.

His parting quotation at the end of a life hacker article is great:

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

In terms of quotes or things that have made me think recently, I printed out this passage fromTyler Cowen recently and actually had it framed. I think it’s scary and motivating.

“In today’s global economy here is what is scarce:

1. Quality land and natural resources

2. Intellectual property, or good ideas about what should be produced.

3. Quality labor with unique skills

Here is what is not scarce these days:

1. Unskilled labor, as more countries join the global economy

2. Money in the bank or held in government securities, which you can think of as simple capital, not attached to any special ownership rights”—Tyler Cowen, Average is Over


Trying to build myself into someone with quality labor with unique skills right now.  And also develop my nerd skills (programming, map related visualization, databases, electronics, wood working, metal working, prototype fabrication, and writing.)

The cool tools book from Kevin Kelly listed out some key things for working on becoming a better writer.


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