Listening to a Dr. Drew Podcast I caught a sentence that was almost identical from two different episodes:


#143  35:20 Mark Groubert

“His  said if you walk into a room and can’t tell who’s for you or against you , a political room ,  he said you don’t deserve to be a politician …. he taught his kid… His dad was an alcoholic ,the whole family were alcoholics…. ”


#115 14:50 Jill Vermeire

” People who grow up in these type of situations they basically know how to walk into any room and take the temperature of the room in an instant , they can walk into a room and just read people and suddenly adapt, they tend to be placaters a lot of times…. ”


It would be great to get Jill Vermeire and Mark Groubert on the Dr. Drew Show  to talk about LBJ, Presidency and Love avoidance, love addiction and attachment.


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