“The focused Life”

Just copying this down for later notes. But for right now I’m just reflecting on how well my day was focused today, or how it wasn’t.

Just as I was writing that both my email flashed at my with a pop up, my iphone buzzed at me because of an email, and my cubicle neighbor’s phone rang while my other neighbor talked on her phone.

However just prior to that , while I was reading the Cal’s article, I googled where to find a library. That will be one of my “cognitive calisthenics” to go to the “brain gym” across the street otherwise know as the library.

And i just got and answered a text between finishing the last paragraph and starting this one.

I want to combine this idea with the “Data Geek” skills article from before. More to continue.

From Cal Newport:


Three commitments:

A Deep Life:

To be more concrete: At any given point, you should be able to describe your current cognitive calisthenics routine just as you might describe your current exercise routine.

To be more concrete: You build your workweek around protecting and supporting many occasions to work deeply.

Start with the goal of having five hours per week protected on your calendar for deep work. Each session should be at least 90 minutes long.

You take bold measures to demonstrate respect for your attention.

To be more concrete: Make one non-trivial change in your life that demonstrates to yourself that you prioritize your attention over more superficial activities.


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