Writing everyday

I’ve listened to Tim Ferris’s interview with Seth Godin.

Two big ideas:
Write everyday.
Sell something people want to buy.

Also, he suggested a bunch of books to listen to, I just bought Zig Zigler’s “Closing the deal” which gives a good system for selling.

“On railing against various industrial complexes [15:07]”

He has a cool part about audio equipment.

Seth Godin’s top business decisions [38:44]


To connect this to other ideas, namely the idea of systems in Scott Adams book.

Here is the list:
Public Speaking
Business Writing
Overcoming Shyness
Second Language
Proper Grammar
Technology(hobby level)
Proper voice technique

I also just finished the signal and the noise. There is a lot of talk about Bayes Theorem for making predictions. Scott Adams is making the connection that getting better at these things to a certain level increases the probability of success, and to look at life that way, changing small things to increase probability of success.


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