ML and Diagnosis

Siddhartha Mukherjee has a good long read in The New Yorker about machine learning and medical diagnosis this week. In it, he explores whether machines are going to replace radiologists, dermatologists, etc or help them do their jobs better. He concludes with this observation: The word “diagnosis,” he reminded me, comes from the Greek for…

via The Machine Will See You Now — AVC

on email and double opt in intros

“Much has been said about double opt-in intros and yes, I try to do this pretty much always. To help with this I usually ask people to send me an email that I can forward. By that I mean an email written in their own voice. Sometimes people seem to think this means a draft of what I will write, but I simply will add a sentence or two of my own as a “wrapper” to their email. If their email is well written this is very efficient (see point immediately above about answering obvious follow up questions).”