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“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” George Orwell wrote.


math by hand and facebook stuff

Two ideas this morning, getting back to doing statistics by hand as a practice, to remember somethings and learn others :


Also, I’ve been thinking about facebook, and other things like it and business and the business of extracting maximum value out of everthing.

Listenting yesterday to a podcast about the survillance economy and rent seeking when then asset is attention.

Made me think – what if people got together and built something like facebook but a cooperative? and then had advertisement where the goal wasn’t to maximize the value of the advertisement but to cover the cost of the plateform? basically an opensource feed. I guess where you would publish it, maybe with some sort of encryption key and then share that key with a friend, and then who was looking at it would be  monitoted. basically an rss feed of stuff that would be consumed in a plateform. thats the idea at least. or even if it was all in house , so you would log in.

Purdue Pegboard Test

Forced to get creative when it comes to assessing candidates, Delaloye dug up a hand-eye coordination exam called the Purdue Pegboard Test that was first used back in the 1940s as a way to gauge whether someone could be a good candidate to teach. Candidates are assessed on how many metal pegs they can insert into holes in a 30-second period using each hand and then using both at once. Candidates are also tested on how quickly they can assemble washer-sleeve-peg combinations.