Here to build the robots.

Some times I think Humans are just here to build the robots until the robots can build themselves.


Granted, this new feature is not a robot, but once we have self driving cars, uber will be a robot company, and it looks like it will be a rolling fleet of CVS on wheels:


Right now I am just north of the service area by about 200 yards, but I’m sure they’ll move it up soon.



Technology Literacy

Edward Snowden and Scott Adams have both talked or written about the idea of technological literacy. A google search turned up a youtube video of edward snowden discussing this, I’ll like to it for the end.


One of the best classes I took in high school was called “Modern Physics” which had a fairly in depth electronics lab as part of the class. That class has helped me more than any other to understand the physical and electrical world around me.  It was a technology literacy class. 

I want to map paths to technology literacy. Here are a few I can think of:

1.  Building the gingery lathe from a crucible

2. Working through the electronics learning book:

3. From Nand Gate to tetris

4. learn python the hard way.=


It would be good to have something like make: electronics( through discovery) for wood working too. It would be great to have a ” Maker Scouts” program for kids like boy scouts and girl scouts with badges for getting through the programs, with out the values, except the ethos of making culture. 

I am working on number 4 right now, I will report back as I get my maker merit badges. 


Down the rabbit hole…

While looking for the end of the internet, I went from to looking at his news feeder, which led me to this great instructable he was mentioned in,, to the website of the author of the instructable , , to this great post,  a list of awesome youtube channels that I am going to slowly watch , . Turns out the author lives in Baltimore.