Entrepreneurship,Peace Corps, STI videos in Ngabe

Two quotations have helped me to think about my work:

“The entrepreneur,” said the French economist J. B. Say around 1800, “shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield.”

“Remember, markets are not ends in themselves.They are constructs to assist populations in achieving the optimum allocation of resources” (p. 461). Allen Greenspan, The Age of Turbulance

Sometimes the work here is to move human resources and capital in to area of higher yield, and to make something achieve “optimum allocation of resources.”

Yesterday, a friend of mine, Sara finished taping a Sexual Transmited Infections and Family Planning in Ngabere. 

She had been touring other volunteers sites giving talks and running activites on the same subject in the Comarca. One day she came up to my site to give the talk to a womens group, and the talk went very well.  Not long after,  the EU and Panamian Government made a large investment to install solar panels in all of the schools and Health Clincs on the reservation and install T.Vs and DVD players. When we saw that, we figured why not video tape the talks, burn it to DVDs and give them out to all the health centers and schools.


The tapes went really well. A woman named Doris did the part on anti contraceptives in Ngabe, and Dr. Jaime Castello, who grew up about an hour walk from the health center and studied medicine in Cuba,  gave the part on STIs also in Ngabere.

I didn´t do much aside from hold a few cue cards and make some posters, but it was exciting to watch people who are passionate about womens health working together to produce the video. The taping is done and it just has to be edited and burnt to DVD. 




Tree nurserys, a work day in Boca Del Monte

A local extentionist, Ernesto, came and visited the other day to do a tree nursery. The trees are for a reforestation project, and some will probably be used to shade coffee farms.

From may

The tree nursery.

Building the table for the nursery

From may

My host dad hanging out in my room/house.

From may

My host uncle, Elio, dishes out the coffee from a five gallon bucket. It gets you going when you drink it in bulk.

From may

The ride up to my site at 7 in the morning from the back of the pickup truck.