How to give a presentation, notes:

I have written specifically about making presentations in Visual Explanations, pp. 68-71.

— Edward Tufte


” most of the knowledge in the world will be extracted by machine “

“Seriously, I don’t like the phrase “Big Data”. I prefer “Data Science“, which is the automatic (or semi-automatic) extraction of knowledge from data. That is here to stay, it’s not a fad. The amount of data generated by our digital world is growing exponentially with high rate (at the same rate our hard-drives and communication networks are increasing their capacity). But the amount of human brain power in the world is not increasing nearly as fast. This means that now or in the near future most of the knowledge in the world will be extracted by machine and reside in machines. It’s inevitable. En entire industry is building itself around this, and a new academic discipline is emerging.”

AMA: Yann LeCun


Editing , Debugging, Troubleshooting, problem solving

Right now I’m in a self inflicted slog of working full time, going to school almost full time, and picking up adult education builder classes as I can. It has been hard but also interesting, the juxtaposition  in a short time of seemingly very different skills , for example writing, coding, woodworking, and sheet metal working,  has helped me to see patterns just like reading a lot of different works by different authors might.

The skills of editing for writing, debugging for code, trouble shooting for metal and wood work, these are all craftsman type skills that take a lot of time and effort to build, and I would count them as the part of the venn diagrams of these skills as an overlapping troubleshooting layer. I think doing one can help to improve the other. I don’t have any good specific examples though which always makes me nervous that it is just a pretty idea that has no real substance. More research is needed.