Cool tools / Still untitled list

-Staple gun – reverse trigger

-Digital calipers

-Nipex – nippers, wire cutters, strippers

-Auto adjustable pliers – Nipex brand (sound like Craftsman gator grips)

-Metallic Sharpie – silver marker

-Penetrating oil – like liquid wrench, this is amazing for working on old cars

-Cutting mats – self healing mats for use with xacto knives, magnetic versions

-Ball-end hex/allen wrenches – allen wrenches you can use at an angle

-25 ft tape measure

-Ratcheting Screwdrivers – Will recommends standard cheap Ace hardware 4 bit driver

—Tangent about picking a brand of power tools and sticking with it so you don’t end up with tons of chargers and batteries

-Cloth tape measure

-Stanley organizer trays

-Silicoln tape

-Cordless Dremel

-Auto centering punch

-Uni-bits – stepped drill bits

-Small pry bar

-Zip ties of all sizes

-Magnetic stud finder

-Offset screwdriver


-Vice grips – standard and plate style, also recommend the needle nose style

-LED flashlights, headlamps

-Aluminum speed square

-Security bit set – for special screws in electronics – iFixIt sells a good one

-Microset of screwdrivers – like jewelers set of drivers

-Of course…


-Scissors – one for fabric, one for everything else


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